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It’s true. Other people’s experiences, stories, reviews and testimonials are effective pre-selling tools for any product…

That’s why I setup the Best Home Business Reviews site at:


The link above is your affiliate link too.

Anyone who visits the link above and clicks to learn about the Plug-In Profit Site will be directed to join on your team.

Try it out.

In fact, every single page on that website works exactly the same way. They can all be coded with your affiliate link.

For example, you could refer someone herehere or here (or any other pages on HomeBusiness.net, and they will all be directed to join the Plug-In Profit Site directly with you.

and when you send someone to it, they’ll be directed to join the Plug-In Profit Site through your affiliate link!

Notice that if you click any link that directs back to the Plug-In Profit Site on this site, it goes to your affiliate link.

If you want to make a lot of money as a Plug-In Profit Site affiliate, this website can be one of your BIGGEST helpers.

With that said, there is something you can do every day to increase the results (sales) this website will make for you.

You can “Like” as many of the reviews as you can which are already posted on the website.

What this does is significantly increase the SOCIAL PROOF!

Let me show you how it works…

Go here, and then click the headline of one of the reviews:

When you do this, the review will open up in a new page.

Now just click on the “Like” button if you like the review…

You’ll find it at the bottom of the review as shown here:

If you’re not logged in already, you’ll be asked to login to your WordPress.com account. Be sure to use the exact same username (email address) and password you setup for your 

Now here’s where the magic happens…

was to setup your free Gravatar account and add your photo, what will happen next is that your picture will automatically be added to the post showing that you like it. In fact, it’ll be added next to my picture, and others who like the review.

Here’s why this is important…

As more people “Like” each review on this website, the “social proof” will begin growing…

This will steadily increase the trust and confidence, people have in the reviews, and can grow your sales.

Then as you continue promoting your own websiteyour Plug-In Profit Site affiliate link, or any other page on this site, your signup rates and commissions will grow too!

This is a project where each of us can contribute a little of our energy, and results will increase for ALL PIPS members.

I’ve done this myself, and encourage you to do it too.

In fact, my challenge to you if you’d like to help increase your sales and income (and all Plug-In Profit Site member’s sales and income), is to “Like” all the reviews posted here.

Not just one review…

Like” all of the reviews that you can appreciate yourself!

Do this, and you will be contributing to your own success, and the success of every active Plug-In Profit Site member.

In addition to “Liking” each review that is posted here, I also encourage you to take the link of at least 1 review daily and share itwith others through your social networks, email, in a new blog poston your website, etc.

Remember, as long as / Home Business

After you “Like” your Plug-In Profit Site Reviews for the day, simply take one of the links of one of the reviews and go share it with your own social networks and connections.

Do this 1 thing consistently and you’ll get signups regularly!

On top of your HomeBusiness.net/?main-45590 affiliate link, I’ve also setup a new site coded for you at:


This site gets new reviews posted to it almost every day…

And it works the same way! Every link on this site is coded to you so as you share the links, people will join your team.

Stay tuned, share the links and you will make more money!

Be sure to subscribe here so you’ll be notified when new reviews are posted. This is a super easy and 100% free homework assignmentthat you can use to grow your sales.

Sign up and confirm your free subscription here now!

This is a 100% free marketing and social networking strategy that will make more sales for you (and your team) if you will simply takea few minutes each day to act on it!

If you like the free marketing strategy above, keep going…

Here’s one more simple and 100% free way to refer more members to your team in all Plug-In Profit Site programs…

Go to your “Confessions” interview link here:

Confessions of an Affiliate Millionaire (Part 1)

Notice that all the links back to the Plug-In Profit Site on that page are YOUR LINKS.

So when you send anyone to that page, often they will get a lot of value and learn some things, they will develop a “know, like and trust” in me, and they will sign up for PIPS.

So the link above can make you easy money…

In fact, if you’ve started building your list, or sending solo ads, this proven money maker is being promoted for you automatically and you may already have your first signups.

Now let me show you something you can do that is absolutely freewhich many of our members are using to pull in a steady stream of new Plug-In Profit Site signups…

Just visit this page now (it’s completely branded to you).

While you’re on the page, click the social sharing buttons and follow the easy onscreen instructions to share the page on your social networks now.

It even pre-formats the post for you and elegantly links to this pagethrough your different social networks.

Go through and complete this process now with Facebook Twitter, Google+ and all your different social networks.

Then tomorrow do the same thing with this page:

Confessions of an Affiliate Millionaire (Part 2)

Then the next day with this page:

Confessions of an Affiliate Millionaire (Part 3)

Then the next day with this page:

Confessions of an Affiliate Millionaire (Part 4)

Then the next day with this page:

Confessions of an Affiliate Millionaire (Part 5)

Then the next day with this page:

Confessions of an Affiliate Millionaire (Part 6)

Complete this process and you are almost certain to make sales if you’re connected to people through social networks.

If you haven’t started social networking yet, now is a great time to do it. Just setup a free account with sites like FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedIn and others, and then use those accounts to connect with other people.

Then share value through your social network accounts like I’ve shown you how to do above, and some of the people in your social networks will visit your links and join your team.

It’s super easy!

If you want to increase the results you get from this very simple social sharing exercise, just come back and repeat the exact process outlined above once every month.

Within that month, use your social networks to connect with more people. Like people on Facebook… Follow people on Twitter…, etc… Then communicate naturally and regularly with different people on your social networks.

It’s fun and it will grow your circle of influence!

Then come back here in a month and complete the process above again by going to each part of the “Confessions” interview above and clicking the buttons to share the pages above with your social networks 1 day after another.

As your social network connections grow, the number of signups you get from the simple steps above will grow too!

Just be natural and make real connections…

You don’t have to sell stuff to people. The system I’ve built for you does all the selling… Go out and connect with people in meaningful ways through social media. Then once a month, repeat the process above to give yourself a raise.

Quote of the Day:

“The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.”

– Vince Lombardi

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