Blog your faforit now
Caitlin credits her years of experience “on the ground” as a social media manager for others as a
big reason she was successful so quickly with her blog. Caitlin was able to leverage the expertise
she had honed as a freelancer and build her blog from there.
What work have I done in the past that can help me niche down and build a very specific expertise around?
What am I blogging about now that doesn’t fit into that model that I can let go of?
Giving it all away for free is something you hear from all the pros, and Caitlin is no different. The
caveat Caitlin provides is to do it all strategically.
What are my paid products?
What are my topics/areas of expertise?
How can I tie what I give away for free to those paid products?
As an experienced social media pro, Caitlin recommends starting with just one or two platforms
until you’re able to outsource the management to someone else.
What are the platforms I’m using now?
What are the two I’ll keep using?
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